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Friday, 15 June 2012

Healthy Option Snack: Velvet Crisp only 2PP

Velvet Crisp only 2PP

Have a feeling for something crunchy without feeling guilty? Try these. They are very tasty and different from regular fat fried crisp. There are made from cassava. The Thai flavour is gorgeous. You can get a whole bag of six from the one pound stores. Kertching!!! Money saving.

*if you have any tips please comment or send in your receipies to share. They might get posted. ** **

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ever wondered why you put on weight when you think you are eating healthy?

There are several reasons for that which we will be discussing  at a later date. Today we focus on MINDLESS EATING. What is it?

 It is when your fingers transport things into your mouth and you swallow without truly being aware of your actions. Is it possible? Yes we do it all the time. As humans research shows we make around 200 eating decisions a day. Are you aware you do this? No. Take a look at this. John is fat he doesn’t know why. He eats sensibly, not as much as other people he sees shoving food down their throats, goes to the gym have his greens but he still tips the scale.
John is asked to keep a food diary of all the food he consumes in a week. He does this and list his breakfast of cereal and two toasts, lunch of jacket potatoes and tuna bake and dinner of roast chicken, and salad. All well and good and calorie intake per day shows a healthy 2500 ideal for a guy. So what is the problem? 
On investigating in detail without his knowledge John is followed to see what exactly crossed into his mouth. What John fails to record is on the way to work he stopped to get a newspaper and added a mars duo bar to it and munches as he drives, the six choc  biscuits he unconsciously picks from the open tin on the staff table each time he passes it on his way out.  After his workout in the gym he goes to the pub with his mate  for a well deserved rest where he downs 3 pints of larger and two packets of crisp and handful of nuts. After dinner which he has mayonnaise smoothed ofer his tuna bake whilst watching TV he has a slice of chocolate cake along with his daughter and  washes it all down with two glasses of wine.
Total calorie intake 4870, almost twice the recommended daily amount. Is john really aware of his actions? No. They really don’t register as he was not thinking about it as he snacked away and promptly forgot about it. When confronted he was actually shocked at this behaviour and was not really conscious of how much he really ate.

We do that all the time. Take a chip or two off someone’s plate, finish leftovers from the kids plate, munch on a biscuit or two offered by a friend whilst gossiping, grab a bad of crisp on the way out of the store. Ever wondered why stores line the pathway to the payment tills with high calorie fat chocolates and sweeties?  If you have resisted them whilst shopping surely you can’t resist  them when queuing and them looking at you and calling your name, whispering pick me up. Yep. We pick things up we never went in to buy.
The only way around this is to make a conscious effort to be aware of what you put in your mouth and when.  That way you can honestly tell whether you are over eating or not.
Mindless eating causes weigh gain. No argument.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Filling and Healthy Egg and Seastick Sandwich

Filling and Healthy Egg and Seastick Sandwich
Loosing weight is all about swapping a few things around. A sandwich does not make you fat nor does a salad it is what is in it. So you can eat as you  normally do just make a few changes. Ditch the mayo and butter and fried bacon and the several slices of fatty cheese. Instead take up this below. Same effect of full and satisfied tummy and a trim waist line.

Bread : 6PP
1 boiled egg 2 pp
50g low fat soft cheese 1pp
salad mix 0
2 seastick 0 pp

Spread the cheese in the bread annd salad mik. heat the seasticks for a few seconds in the microvave and chop. Add this and the quartered egg in. A mice huge sandwich and not heart killer ingredient.

*if you have any tips please comment or send in your receipies to share. They might get posted. ** **

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Low fat dessert: Strawberry and yoghurt jelly

Strawberry and Yoghurt Jelly  Weight watchers pro points(pp) : 1

Great to placate your sweeth tooth without doing any damage at all.

1pkt sugar free strawberry jelly 0 pp
1 ww  Toffee Yoghurt   1pp
2 fresh straw berry

Prepare the jelly as instructed. Pout into a mould and set. I like mine in a posh one makes me fell good.
Pour yoghurt over the top and decorate with the strawberrys.

*if you have any tips please comment or send in your receipies to share. They might get posted. ** **

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Awarded 50lbs weightloss Certificate

I am so excited about this. It has finally come to pass. Good things indeed  come to she who waits. For the past couple of weeks I have been hovering just short of reaching this goal.
First time I got within 1.5lbs the next week put on about, worked to lose it came within 1lbs put on 3lbs. So frustrating.  This time round I was determined to get it so when I came within 1 .5lbs I pull out all the stops and prayed

The story

 I got to the meeting and my leader and staffs was expecting me excited to see if I had done it.  I stood on the scales avoided looking at the numbers whilst all breathlessly crowds around the screen waiting for the scales to beep and give the verdict. There was silence it seemed like forever, then a beep.
My leader expressionlessly wrote on my card.  I peaked but I my brain could not do the calculations.  Did she do it?  Was the next questioned asked.  A moment passed then she smiled and nodded. A cheer arose and claps sounded. I  jumped off the scales and did a little jubilation dance hands above my head and beamed.  I was awarded my certificate and everyone was so supportive. It was my leaders 1st ever certificate to give. She was chuffed.
So 51lbs of solid fat : 51 pkts of butter  has gone never to return I pray. I am happy and so glad I rode it out and praise God I lost 2.5lbs taking me over the mark.
I want to encourage you all whatever your goals are be it weightloss or otherwise keep at it not matter how discouraging it gets NEVER GIVE UP. Try again and again and again as much as it takes.  As long as it is something right and good you will get it. Just NEVER GIVE UP!!
Also attending meetings are great cause it helps you take one week at a time just don’t stop going.  Perseverance is the key to producing results.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

8 ways to have a great day

Most times we want our day to be good and when it is not we wonder why. Has it occured to you that you determine how your day turns out and not the other way round. You have to take control of the day and not leave it to chance. Here are 8 ways to get you started having a great day.

  1. Take time to say something nice to others.
  2. It can be simple as saying thank you to the buss driver when you get off.
  3. Smile
  4. Keep a mental note or write down what you eat
  5. Do something for you.
  6. Give your self a hug and appreciate you
  7. Don't continually dwell on your problems and how to fix them. It will only stress you out and not solve anything
  8. Most of all know that you are special blessed and loved - God loves you. Yes he does, as you are no bells and whistles just you no matter what you have done.
** **

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yummy healthy low fat coconut prawn & pasta receipe

Only 11 Weightwatchers Pro Points(pp)

Had this for dinner and it was just wonderful and very filling. Try it & give feed back

Capellini  pasta 60g   -  6pp
Philadelphia extra light soft cheese 50g  - 1pp
Prawns 115g - 2pp
Creamed coconut 7g  -1pp
Button mushroom 0
Mixed vegetables  0 (Iceland mixed frozen veg  are good)
Smoked salmon 30g 1pp
Lamb letuce and chard salad mix (Sainsbury) 0 pp
Black pepper, garlic puree & salt to season;
1 small chopped shallot
1 sea food stick 0pp
Low fat cooking spray

Cook capellini in boiling water till andante drain and rinse out in cold water.
whilst pasta  is cooking
Spray pan and stir fry the mushrooms, mixed vegetables and shallot for 3 mins or till just under cooked
Add prawns along with seasoning and coconut and cook if dry add a few tablespoons of water and cover pan
Once prawns are cooked nice and juicy not dry, stir in the soft cheese and smoked salmon into a creamy mix and add drained pasta.
Turn down the heat to very low and combine well
Serve immediately with a side of salad decorated with the sea food stick.

I like heating up my seafood stick a bit.

* If you have good low fat receipies to share email it over and it could be posted.

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